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Ledia Excellent Employees To Korea – Corporate
Release time:2017-08-31  source:NEWS

The crops are flourishing, flowers are blooming and the grass has turned dark green… Summer has finally arrived and it’s once again time for our outstanding employees of the year to travel the world!

Relax yourself, wind down, and make a journey to a foreign place, 2000 kilometers away from the city of Guangzhou and you will find yourself at the capital of South Korea, Soul. Embrace the beautiful poems and the wonderful landscape.

For five days and five nights we have had a busy schedule.

Trying out the great Korean Cuisine.

Climbing on top of the N Soul Tower to enjoy the spectacular view.

Getting ashore on the picturesque island of Nami.

Experiencing the breathtaking atmosphere of the Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Discover the cultural characteristics of the Han Wu Village.

Watching the world's first Magic Painting art performance.

Trying out the Korean style sauna.Play at the world's largest indoor amusement park in Lotte World.

The second trip to Korea for our outstanding employees of the year has come to an end. But the greatness and fun will continue in the future with many more groups of hardworking and outstanding Ledia and Honglitronic employees exploring the world!