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Tips For Purchasing Outdoor Lighting Tools
Release time:2017-08-14  source:NEWS

            Outdoor flashlight is best used in the world, even if the small mountain village shops can buy the battery, in most cases, the ideal battery is a AA battery. However, given the small battery capacity of AA batteries, high-capacity rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (18650 batteries) and Hardy disposable lithium batteries (a batteries) are also recommended for use in batteries.Outdoor Lighting

            While the outdoor flashlight works, the battery decreases with the energy consumption, the brightness of the traditional flashlight also drops, lighting effect gradually become worse, such as flashlight brightness to a certain extent has been unable to provide suitable lighting, only the replacement of batteries, and at this time often the battery has a small half of the electricity, so this part of the electricity is wasted. The latest constant current circuit technology to solve the problem, the use of the technology lighting tools in the actual use can maintain the brightness of the same, provide a more comfortable lighting experience, while the use of electricity more effective.

            Outdoor environment complex, no one can guarantee you will face what kind of situation, when the need for high brightness lighting, flashlight is very dangerous. Therefore, the a high brightness outdoor flashlight is the necessary lighting tools, especially for unfamiliar sections of the exploration, outdoor flashlight the highest brightness of the best more than 100 lumens.Outdoor Lighting

            Outdoor activities can not carry a large number of batteries, so try to choose an efficient outdoor flashlight, to ensure that there is enough brightness and long life time. It is best to have a low light to reach the flashlight for more than dozens of hours, in case of extreme conditions can be continuous lighting for more than one weeks per night.Outdoor Lighting