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Indoor Lighting Take You To The Point Of Indoor Lighting
Release time:2017-09-14  source:INDUSTRY NEWS

    Office is the staff long time to engage in near-distance visual operation of the place, with longer eyes, need to provide workers with a bright lighting environment, therefore, the Office decoration environment should have a higher degree of illumination requirements. High brightness can give people open, pleasant feeling, in favor of people to improve work efficiency, for enterprises to create more benefits. Office Space Lighting Design has several main points:Indoor Lighting

    Office Lighting Design Essentials One: rational use of natural light. The introduction of natural light source is directly related to the opening window of the office, the difference of the size and mode of the incident of the window and the light will have a great influence on the mental and visual aspects of the room. Generally speaking, the bigger the window opens, the greater the diffuse degree of natural light, but the strong sunlight will sometimes have a sense of irritation in the office, not conducive to office mood, so modern office decoration design, not only open windows, as far as possible to meet the psychological needs of natural light, but also pay attention to the lighting of soft curtains decorative design, The light energy after two times processing, into a comfortable source.Indoor Lighting

   Office Lighting Design Essentials Two: The Office lighting also control degree uniformity has certain requirements, but not the more evenly the better, the appropriate illuminance changes can ease the entire office decoration design atmosphere. For general illumination, the ratio of illuminance minimum and average illuminance value should not be less than 0.7 and the illuminance ratio around the working surface should not be less than 0.5. For both general illumination and local illumination, the average illuminance of the non-working area should not be less than half of the working area.Indoor Lighting

   For two adjacent regions, the average illuminance ratio of the office to the side of the room must not exceed 5: l, and the illumination of the lower area is at least 150, otherwise it is easy to produce a strong contrast change in the light and shade in the office, thus making the eye work in the illumination environment visually fatigued.Indoor Lighting

   In the Office decoration design, to fully consider the office space of the wall color, material and space orientation issues, to determine the illumination of illuminance, light color. The design of light is closely related to the decoration of three main interfaces in the room, if the wall and ceiling decorative materials are absorbent materials, in light of the illuminance design should be properly adjusted to improve, if the interior interface decoration is reflective material, should be adjusted to reduce illumination, so that the square can design a comfortable light environment.Indoor Lighting