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The Head of LEDIA Lighting Test Center is hired as Expert Member of National Standardization Technical Committees
Release time:2018-09-29  source:NEWS

Mr. Lyu Henan,the head of test center from Guangzhou LEDIA Lighting Co., Ltd is recently hired as Expert Member of National StandardizationTechnical Committees in the field of “The Technical Committee for Safety of Measuring Control and Laboratory Equipment(SAC/TC338)”, where he is mainly responsible for the formulation and examinationof the related national standardization.

Mr. Lyu Henan, the leader of LEDIA Lighting Test Center, is incharge of intellectual property right and Industry-University-Researchprojects. As an electrooptical technology engineer, he is good at electroopticaltesting and semiconductor lighting technology etc.

With the great efforts from Mr. Lyu Henan andall other colleagues, LEDIA Lighting has been importing international advancedtesting equipments from USA, Germany and Taiwan etc, and a multifunctional andintegrated lighting testing laboratory with 1000 m2 has been built, which is honoredas CNAS (China National Accreditation Service forConformity Assessment), Guangzhou enterprise research and DevelopmentOrganization” andGuangdong Engineering Technology Research anddevelopment Center”.

LEDIA Lighting has not only beenfocusing on lighting products development, but also attaching much importanceon the cutting-edge technology research. We can undertake system modeling, integratedoptical and mechanical design, complex optical design, lighting systemdesign and analysis as well as semiconductor lighting key technology etc. Wehave participated and made national standardization, local standardization andstandardization of China Semiconductor Industry Alliance and have undertakenlots of projects related with Industry-University-Research. We have been applyingmore than 300 patents and more than 200 has been approved.

LEDIA Lighting will be continuing to promote the Lighting Industry Standardizatio,enhance the healthy development of lighting industry and make contribution to National Standardization work as a key enterprise.