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LED Flood Light

The C series LED flood light adopts concise and Slim appearance concept without exposed screws in front appreance. Lots of applications ,such as outdoor landscape buildings, bridges, large billboards, corridors, parks, street and roadway etc, can be achieved with various installation accessories.

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  • Main Function

    ◆   Super slim design with only 60mm thickness.
    ◆   Can replace 1000W HID.                                                       
    ◆   Exact beam angle can be measured with scale mark at the 
    two sides of holder.
    ◆   30°/60°/90°/120°/TYPE2/TYPE3 beam angle available.
    ◆   Gray matte frosted outdoor powder spraying,
    wear-resisting and corrosion-proof.
    ◆   Daylight sensor option.

    Technical Parameters

    Code LD-FL-C050-XX-YY LD-FL-C100-XX-YY LD-FL-C150-XX-YY LD-FL-C200-XX-YY LD-FL-C240-XX-YY LD-FL-C300-XX-YY
    Power(W) 50 100 150 200 240 300
    Input Voltage (V) 220-240/100-240
    Lumen output lm 6500 13000 19500 26000 31200 39000
    CCTK 3000-6500
    Dimming 1-10V/DALI Option
    CRI 70/80
    Beam Angle 30°/60°//90°/120°/TYPE2/TYPE3
    Material Aluminum+ PMMA+ Tempered glass
    Operating Temperature -20 to 50
    Installation Bracket mounted/Pole mounted
    Certificate CE/RHOS
    Environment Outdoor
    Warranty(Ta<45) 5Years

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